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About Us

North Pacific Rim Housing Authority is an Indian Housing Authority authorized by State law to engage in or assist in the development of low-income housing for Alaska Native/American Indian families.

NPRHA Board of Commissioners

Patrick Norman, Chairman, Port Graham Village Council
John Boone, Vice-Chairman, Valdez Native Tribe
Larry Evanoff, Secretary/Treasurer
Robert Henrichs, Native Village of Eyak (Cordova)
Jerry Demas, Nanwalek IRA
David Totemoff, Tatitlek IRA
Melody Wallace, Qutekcak Native Tribe (Seward)


NPRHA Departments & Staff

Olen Harris - Executive Director

Administrative Services
Barry Moring - Chief Financial Officer
Martin Angasan – Controller/Accounting Services Consultant
Yvonne Krenzelak - Administrative Assistant - Payroll/Accounting Services Consultant
Amber Arias - Administrative Assistant – Accounts Payable
Jamie Kangas - Administrative Assistant

Housing Management
Brenda Christoffersen - Housing Manager
Daisy Meyers - LR Village Manager, Seward
Lennette Ronnegard - LR Village Manager, Cordova
Claudia Kipar - LR Village Manager, Valdez
Emilie Swenning - LR Village Manager, Nanwalek
Jarell Eastman - LR Village Manager, Tatitlek
Eric Tanape - LR Village Manager, Port Graham

Jon Austermuhl - Building Services Manager
Joe Henggeler - LR Maintenance, Valdez
Jarell Eastman - LR Maintenance, Tatitlek
James Spanos - LR Maintenance, Seward
Robert Musch - LR Maintenance, Cordova
Sebastian Demas - LR Maintenance, Nanwalek
Eric Tanape - LR Maintenance, Port Graham

Travis King - Modernization Manager
Aaron Mackay - Modernization Supervisor
Ernie Berestoff - Expeditor
Elmer Anahonak - Expeditor